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Art with love was started by Stephen Ninnes in 2015.

Stephen travels between Australia and Italy to present these classes, and additional has an artist who runs the Italian classes when he is not there.

Art with Love is about the joy, friendship, harmony and brotherhood of doing art together.  Learning new things, and creating art which each person is proud of.

Stephen has been an artist for about 12 years, and 5 years ago started teaching himself how to paint in the renaissance style, which is the only style he paints in today.  His current artworks have not been published as they have been worked on since 2015, and when completed will be shown.

Through Stephens business ventures in life he has been able to fund Art with Love.

the art classes are free and are fully funded by Stephen.  All materials are provided free of charge.

Occasionally there are formal art classes presented on different topics and they are published here and on our facebook Page.

The aim is for you to learn how to paint and to do it with joy.  It is not about form, structure and the quintessential rules about art,  but rather truly understanding what you create, doing it with others and enjoying the passing of time in doing it.

The peace and joy that comes from this is what Art with Love is all about.

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